Monday 10 October 2011

The Mystery of the Mariner's Compass

Ahoy Mystery Quilters!

My huge apologies to those of you who have struggled with the MC block - and thanks to Terri and Siobhan for bringing the discrepancy in the block, to my attention.
I have now had a bit of time to re-visit my diagrams and can see the mis-matched seams - my only excuse for this is poorish eyesight and bad counting - I miscounted a point along the chart when drafting on EQ and in my final quilt layout the discrepancy didn't jump out at me. I have actually had to re-draft all of the blocks for this QAL as my originals from class were all lost a few yrs back in a computer muddle.......hence my surprise Terri, and comment about my students not having had the same problem!
Today I upped the scale and felt sick when I saw the mistake - I am so sorry to those of you who are thinking they have gone wrong.
I have to say the blocks that have been completed so far don't look any the worse for the blunder but of course, we all strive for perfection in a block like this.
  The pic below is of  the completed block with matching seams and before the day is out will get fresh patterns uploaded to ScribD.
Almost at the last fence too! Trust me to fall............. 
Updated link now HERE.


  1. Oh Sheila don't be so hard on yourself. You have done such a wonderful job with all the rest of the blocks. I really appreciate everything that you have put into this QAL, thank you.
    I'm breathing a sigh of relief though that I am so slack I haven't attempted it yet.

  2. Well look at it this way, you've done loads for my confidence. I was sure it was me that had done something wrong, now I know that I did manage to achieve the block exactly as drawn! Hooray for me....

    And to be honest, I think it will be a very nitpicking person that ever finds it when the quilt is completed. I will always have a little tickle of amusement when I spot it in years to come.

  3. Sheila, I am looking at my block and can't see whats wrong! And I completely agree with Marg

  4. Well I am pleased I am not the only one who makes mistakes! You are human honey and we love this mystery quilt regardless. Thanks for fixing it.

  5. Oh see, that's why I am trotting along at the back!! Actually I would never have spotted the error, and it most definitely would have been the least of my worries making this block!! xxx

  6. It is always nice to be reminded that those we admire can make mistakes too, albeit this one seems very tiny as compared to the ones I make. I guess I am with Hadley, behind. Maybe today I can get to work on this, now that it is all shiny and new.

  7. It`s a beautiful block Sheila and we all make mistakes.



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