Friday, 1 July 2011

Fresh Sewing Day

As a new month begins, many of us in blogland link to Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day - it's a great chance to take stock of what you are doing, what you have done and also gives us a chance to look around at what others are up to. I am also now finding it is a bit of an incentive to finish stuff as I feel I need to have something to show for my month.

So I finally put the finishing touches to Big Little George, didn't feel there was too much of a hurry as I used Christmas fabrics.
I finished my Brit Quilt Swap quilt too - it is "in the post" as I type...................

I made myself a funky new bag from a pattern purchased from Anna at Noodlehead.Will make more of this one.
I made a block for the 2012 Partnership Quilt for the Tokyo Quilt Show - details HERE.- still plenty of time for you to join in.
I finally made a matching tablerunner for daughter to match the Roman blind I made a few months's not quilted, just fabric and lining with some quilting lines to keep it flat.

Then of course, there was the caravan cushion made for Alasdair to celebrate him passing his towing test - wish I had bought more than a fat 1/4 of those cute vintage vans........

This is a wee zippie I made for Hadley as part of the Pay it Forward challenge. I also completed the other two PIFs but sent items made prior to June.
I also managed two weeks off from work, watched lots of tennis which brings me to my next pic - and my reason for ending this post.........
he has just come on court for the Wimbledon semi.....gotta go!


  1. wow sheila, you have been busy. I love the caravan cushion, what a great idea!

  2. I just want to gush a little more because I so love your Brit Quilt swap quilt. Every time I see it I fall a wee bit more in love.

  3. Go go Murray, playing (not winning) as I type.
    You had a great month, and I know that first hand! Thank you again x

  4. loveliness in so many forms - particularly big little George and the brit swap quilt

  5. Commisserations on the Murray loss! Maybe next year. You're right about those vintage caravans - too cute! What a lot you've done in June! Jxo

  6. Sorry about Murray. Nadal is awesome though!
    Love the BritSwap quilt. Lucky partner.

  7. It is all beautiful, such a nice month you have had.



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