Saturday, 20 August 2011

Brad comes to town

Brad comes to town by bluepatchquilter
Brad comes to town, a photo by bluepatchquilter on Flickr.

There has been a flurry of excitement in Glasgow this past week because...Brad Pitt and his production company have been filming scenes for his new film World War Z.

My husband has been in the thick of it as he works in the actual street fiming has been taking place........his building (HMRC) has been transformed temporarily into an accountant's offce - this apparantly has caused much mirth which I think Hadley might understand.

His street, and George Square have been disguised as downtown Philadelphia, can't imagine why they can't just use......hey, Philadelphia, and can't begin to imagine the cost.............filming has also taken place in Malta and Cornwall.

Big Al (my DH) managed to take some snaps on the way to work and from his office window..thought you might like to share the fun.


  1. Incredible! I can't imagine why it's easier/cheaper to use Glasgow rather than Philadelphia unless there are fewer restrictions over here...maybe Philadelphia thinks "Oh no, another film crew" whereas Glasgow thinks "How fabulous, a film crew" (and one that's not filming Taggart!!) Hope your DH is enjoying the spectacle!

  2. wow! Thats so cool :-) More films should be made in the UK.

  3. Oh why didn't they want to film on my site!!?

  4. Normally I work on Queen St, so would be right in the middle of this too, but alas I'm working in Edinburgh this month, so I only saw things as I ran past at 6:30 odd yesterday morning on the way to the train o.O Was going to try and get into town this weekend to check it out, but not sure I'm going to have time, so I'll see what's still around next weekend (I think they said it woudl be 2 weeks they were filming)

  5. it does seem a bit random to using Glasgow instead of Philedelphia! And what an inconvenience for all those around!



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