Monday, 15 August 2011

A Right Old Mess

I am a messy worker - sometimes it gets too much, even for me............
So, yesterday's plan was to tidy......I got my table cleared and worked on a couple of projects. My  tablemats to match my runner - I had them layered so started some machine embroidery on them,.......then I made a couple of pillowcases for a very large pillow but got very frustrated with my overlocker (serger) - the lower looper thread just kept jumping out the loop....aaaaargh!! Gave up on that..............
In the evening I worked on a few more "whole" hexies and one wee pieced one - couldn't have a hexie free day now could I?
So rise and shine Monday, peeped into my sewing room and the messy fairies have wreaked havoc in the night - it looks worse than it did yesterday.................the more room you have the more mess you make.........

I will transform it today - my classes all start up this week, a lovely new batch of beginners on Wednesday night for me to convert to our,  and a return to class of all my lovely regluars. New term, new projects!!
BUT, back to class / school - makes me feel like summer must be over....................


  1. Oh no, summer can't be over that quickly!!
    My whole house looks like your table at the mo'!

  2. I can't believe how much mess I make when being creative. I had a designated sewing area set up in my dining room but it's too dark so that's filled up with 'stuff' and I've started to move into the living room too!

  3. I think the messy fairies have taken up permanent residence in my cottage and their cousins are at my house! But summer is never over until after Labour Day!

  4. I'm pleased to see I'm not the only messy person. My dining table is covered in fabric and at least three different projects I'm working on. Every time I need to trim something I have to move a pile of mess out of the way to make just enough space on the cutting mat.



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