Monday 22 August 2011

Scenes for the Virtual Tourist

My classes started last week, it's good to be back in the old routine and lovely to meet up with old and new students and I just know the noise level will recede as we settle down....................... well as my regular classes that I hold in Prestwick, I also run occasional day workshops and I thought some of you who are not local might like to see the privileged spot that we have to do our thing.
This is Alloway Village Hall, right in the heart of Alloway Village, now a suburb of Ayr  town...............

 and just across the way is the birthplace of Robert Burns.

Lucky aren't we? Sometimes it's good to smell those roses.


  1. its nice to be able to put a picture to things - thank you

  2. Lovely x I sometimes do a double-take here and remember how lucky we are - seems we are probably all like that x

  3. Nice to hang out in all that history. I always forget how young he was when he died.

  4. And blue skies too - how idyllic! Jxo

  5. I really need more sleep, I totally read the title of this as scones for the virtual tourist...

  6. Oooh I've been there!!!
    Love being a virtual tourist, it's nice to be able to see where you 'work'. Lovely blue skies too.

  7. Wow, what a lovely spot! (Oh, look there's me - well, Archie!, over there on the side bar!! Sorry, got distracted for a moment!!) Your classes are in such a nice place - I love being able to imagine where people are!



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