Wednesday 17 August 2011

It's not that I dislike summer but.........

...........I felt a nip in the air this morning that felt a bit autumnal........heading towards September, my favourite month, don't know why, just is.
Soon, we'll be tweaking up the thermostat, dusting off the hot water bottle and bringing this baby out from its summer sleep...............


  1. I hate the thought of summer being over too soon. As a soft southerner, two harsh winters in a row have done nothing to lift my spirits. Yet, just last saturday I found myself buying a needle cord skirt which gives more than a nod to the changing season!

  2. My favourite season used to be summer until I moved here and have "summer" nine months of the year. My favourite season now is autumn, although it has to be late autumn as early autumn is still just like summer.

  3. Is it an age thing??lol....I have always loved hot summers; maybe because ours isn't usually all that hot. I always want what I can't have!!!
    But even though I have complained about all the rain this summer; not much of a summer, really...
    today is very muggy and sunny....I can't stay out and work in it...and I was so looking forward to it...I have always worked int he gardens in the sun and loved I just can'; Sept. is looking good to me too.

  4. Sorry, but I love the hot weather (although not so much when I am working)September is often a better month than any other in the year, but it means going back to work after 6 weeks off :-(

  5. It's still summer here! But I agree it is nice to get old quilty friends out for the fall!

  6. I've already got the heating on, the bed socks & fleecy jammies (actually I've had the fleecy pjs all summer!)! I've just stopped short of the thermal vest - saving that for next week! Jxo

  7. Hi Sheila
    Went blackberry picking in the forest today and sais to my husband how mush I like this time of year, everything has reached it's peak and things are mellowing!

  8. That is an adorable quilt!! I absolutely CANNOT WAIT for autumn this year! Our Summer has been one of the hottest on record for our area. :/



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