Wednesday, 10 August 2011

One Track Blog

Another hexie I'm afraid - I am enjoying this HAL so much and just want to have a go at all the variations.
I really enjoyed making this one, not sure it will fit in with my more subdued hexies but it might be the start of something new. It was easy to make, suited my rotten eyesight as it was so easy to match.


  1. Flippin' brilliant! Amazed at how you got all those stripes to match up! Jxo

  2. This one is gorgeous!! Great job on the matching.

  3. ooh lovely, the couple I've done have made me super happy too - its the playing with lines I think, you're not just playing with fabric to make a shape, you're making a new pattern too, its great!

  4. wow, I know you said it was easy but it must have taken ages



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