Monday, 8 August 2011

Two Pairs and a Reject

Still plodding on with my hexies - sometimes it's satisfying just to fussy cut a pretty fabric.........
for the next two, I used my embroidery machine to decorate some shot cotton.........
and lastly, my reject.....I spent a fair amount of time piecing this baby but I am not happy with it. I can get it to lie flat with lots of steam but my hand sewing skills are leaving much to be desired........I fear my seams would not be too secure long term, the shot cotton is prone to fraying and made it a bit tricky. I enjoy the challenge of the curves but this one beat me. I might try again with different fabric, I don't like to be beaten.


  1. Definitely give it another go, having one or twho of these lovelies in a hexie quilt would be a real feature :)

  2. I love the embroidery! Especially the fact that you've included roosters - one of my favourite birds!

  3. Wow Sheila! The embroidery is stunning, and I love your rejected hexie, but as you say, a change of fabric can make all the difference. Glad you're not giving up! Jxo

  4. These are fun, I hope you try the curvy one again!

  5. I like the curvy seams. If it doesn't want to lie flat, maybe it wants to be a pin cushion.

  6. Love the curvy seams, I'm pleased you are going to try again. The embroidered hexies look fabulous and a wonderful way to spice up the design.



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