Monday, 29 August 2011

Swaps, & the kindness of others

The indefatiguable Hadley, from Flying Blind........, by her own admission, has her finger in many pies.
 One of the pies I took a fancy to, was the Mug Rug & Goodie swap being organised by Cindy at 
Fluffy Sheep Quilting. We get 2 secret partners and make each one a mug rug and a goodie. I had yet to make a mug rug despite the craze, so it was a good opportunity to have a go.
I have made a start today and this is work in progress on the first -
Meanwhile, my classes are all up and running - at class last Thursday, one of my lovely ladies who had seen me the previous week, thought I had "looked a bit fed up" and made me this -
I was really touched by her kindness. Thank you.


  1. Your mug rug is fantastic! Is it for an American? :)
    That was so nice of your classmate - quilters are such great people.

  2. What a lovely lady!! (Mind you, you must have looked really fed up!) Love the start to the mug rug - I'm following the swap with interest!

  3. The Union Jack is awesome. Love your choice of background fabric with the solids.
    Did someone in your class not like paper piecing either, lol!!!

  4. I take it 'indefatiguable' is a good word; must be one that only Grandmas know!!
    Loving the union jack and you can;t beat the kindness of quilters xxx

  5. Your mug rug WIP is gorgeous and good to see it the right way up! Love the kindness of your student.

  6. You're going great guns on that swap already, love the floral blue bit

  7. What a lovely mug rug! Your partner is very lucky.

  8. Lovely mugrug! I'm wondering what word you'll be using for Hadley after that comment she left ;-) lol



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