Saturday 28 July 2012

A Salutory Tale

Yesterday, during an uncharacteristic flurry of housework, my Dyson made a heart rending wail and stopped. There was an unpleasant burning smell so I whipped out the plug quick smart.
 I reckoned it was time for some TLC........I took out the washable filter, and washed it........then I turned the vac upside down and was horrified to see how much thread was wrapped around the brush/roller......this is something my husband has often mentioned (oops)..........I had to CUT it all out and the resulting pile of thread was quickly binned in my haste to hide the evidence. Suffice to say it would have stuffed a large pincushion!!
The filter had to dry for 12hrs so I gave the matter no more thought until this morning when I casually mentioned it to my OH - together we plugged it in and got the same result.I had obviously succeeded in burning out the motor. 
Luckily for me there wasn't too much in the way of accusation being directed at me - we bought this Dyson a couple of years back when the last one was suffocated with building dust and debris.. 15 all.
When we purchased it, we had just moved house, didn't have a lot of spare cash for new vacuum cleaners so I sourced one from a company that sells refurbished Dysons.Great value for money, good product, it was like new. We have ordered another today. I thought some of you might like to check your vacuum cleaners.............
On a cheerier note -
I finished my bee blocks for Judith's Bee Blessed.
                                                      I knitted a hat for Ava for winter,
                    and I added the final borders to my Topsy quilt, it now measures 60" square.

and I have enough fabric left to piece a backing, always a bonus when you suddenly have unexpected necessities to buy...
I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.


  1. Funnily enough I ditched my Dyson precisely because of that crap design feature, except in my case it was hair balls it couldn't cope with. My £60 Electrolux does brilliantly and does not get stuff wrapped round its rollers...

    Love the wee hat and Topsy's looking great

  2. Just this spring we purchased a tiny Dyson which has more sucking power than many other vacuums and is so light to carry about. It is a small canister. I cannot say how much I love it, it is so little and light. I love all your makes too.

  3. Love that wee hat, and the quilt and blocks are lovely. Can you let me know this company of refurbished Dysons? Our one is about to give up the ghost after 10 years of dog-hair and lots of thread!

  4. Mine gets rollered up too! Maybe I should give it a check! Thanks for the reminder!

    You have been busy!

  5. I love my Dyson - yes threads and dog hairs (long hairs) can get caught in the roller, but it's no problem just monitoring it and cutting them away - and I do have to say that taking out a service contract every year or two to get the Dyson 'reconditioned' is well worth it - I've literally had the Dyson rebuilt twice over the last 12 years for the fraction of the cost of a new one ... a superb service - and boy do I need a good cleaner with a long haired German Shepherd

  6. I swapped from a dyson because it was just too powerful and pulled up the cushion flooring in my kitchen! Now I have no carpets so I sweep - very therapeutic.

  7. Love Avas little hat. I am always finding thread wrapped around my 'thingy' in the hoover: now I am thinking that I may need to dethread it a bit more than I do!

  8. Great makes! My hoover struggles with thread and hair. I must shed worse than a shaggy dog! It gets caught around the rollers and I have to periodically cut it all off. I have a Miele hoover and got it because it was meant to be good with dog hair, the hardest thing for me is actually getting any hoover to actually grab the bits of thread that end up on the carpet. Often I have to go round on my hands and knees picking it up!

  9. Thanks S for the gorgeous bee blocks! And what a cute hat for Eva! Jxo

  10. Love Eva`s hat, and yes, hoovers do not like thread!

  11. I love my Dyson and clean out the roller every few months - I know it needs doing when it stops picking up the little blacks bits that my socks seem to constantly shed. It tends to be hair (mine, not Archie's...for a change!) that cause the problems rather than thread, probably because I use a thread catcher *wink*
    I love Ava's hat and your topsy quilt is marvellous - I wish there was a JL near me, I could do with finding lovely fabric in the sale!!!

  12. I have a meile and a dyson and of the two the meile copes the best..tried a few different dysons so Im sure it isnt just my particular one. regular thread removal helps on both though TBH. It has to be said though that some carpets are the actual problem as they seem to grip onto bits harder than the strongest suction can cope with.

  13. Sheila

    We used to have a Sheltie and now have a dog with equally long hair so I am an expert at cleaning the brushes. I have to do it every other time I hoover. Lucky you to have gone so long without it being a problem. Btw your motor might just have overheated and it will work again once it cools down.
    See you in a couple of weeks when classes restart
    Maureen :-)



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