Tuesday 31 July 2012

Zakka - Boudoir Basket

At first, when I was studying this next project, I didn't think I'd use it for the table as a bread basket - my choice of fabric changed its style a bit.
Recently I told the story of my friend Caryl who comes to class, sometimes bearing fabric samples for "distribution". These samples, once taking centre stage in furnishing stores are retired to landfill apparently - so Caryl's friend rescues them, and we in class willingly relieve her of most of the booty.
I also mentioned recently, the tea towels I bought on holiday. One of those was pulled for use in this project.
The tea towel is on the left, is 100% cotton but heavy, like a linen. The "sample" on the right is 100% linen, quite a fine one, with a tiny metallic, splodge like pattern that tones well with the tea towel. The trims were all part of the sample.
The cotton was quite coarse and frayed a good bit. The linen had a mind of its own and was tricky to cut straight without it moving. The construction of the basket was familiar and I kept to the instructions this week as far as dimensions were concerned. I used the cotton for the base lining to give a bit more body.
I fussy cut the tea towel so the word Paris lay across the front of the basket.
  And, on the back, I used a piece of the sample trim. Waste not........
    and, the inside shot,
I finished it off with a blingy button from my button jar. 
No,. it won't be used for bread - I rather fancy it being located in a bedroom, full of pretty soaps or the like - I am calling it my Zakka Boudoir Basket - it was fun, and quick, to make.
As always, I am linking to Lindsey's blog where you can check out the other Zakka makes.


  1. I LOVE your basket! It's so chic and elegant and just lovely!

  2. Il est idéal pour un boudoir n'est-il pas? Love the rescuing of great fabric for a more glorious end.

  3. It`s lovely Sheila and I always like how you add your own twist to these Zakka projects!

  4. Tres chic Sheila - much too nice to fill with bread!

  5. Very clever how a change up in fabric can make it 'fit' in another area of the house. Nice!

  6. Completely sweet!!! What a great Paris towel, and the details are so beautiful!

  7. Boudoirs at this time of day? Shocking! Looks great though :o)

  8. What a very chic basket: its lovely

  9. What a great idea - I love the fabrics you used!

  10. I absolutely love this bag. It is so chic and elegant. I agree - the pattern worked out well (even with my scribblings).

  11. Great I can totaly see this in my Bathroom filled with Bathsalts and soaps and lotions... :) lovely

  12. Love it, it's very pretty.



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