Friday 20 July 2012

So Charming

 Has anyone else spotted this new member of the Moda Bakery?
Here I am, browsing the Fat Quarter shop's "coming soon" selection and I was pausing over this range by Sandy Gervais, an old favourite of mine. This particular selection is a mini charm pack -
42 x 2.5" squares - how sweet!
Whatever next??

Flirt Mini Charm Pack Sandy Gervais for Moda Fabrics

Flirt Mini Charm Pack includes 42 2.5" squares.
Mini Charm Pack includes duplicates of some prints.
Price will be $4.50.

Expected shipment date of November 2012. 


  1. Eeek that is exciting.
    Cute fabric line xxxx

  2. Ahh, we got some of those at the FQ retreat, I think they're giveaways at Market usually, they must have decided there was an actual market to sell them :o)

  3. How fantastic would these be for granny blocks!!!

  4. I've a few of the mini charms, some from the FQ retreat, one set from a seller, one in a kit. They are very cute but not very big.

  5. I have seen this size before as I think some wholesalers have had them as samples and they give them out at sewing summit and earlier this year at the retreat. I am not sure if they didn't box them up as well a few years ago and call them petit fours - or maybe that was a different size? Fun though!



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