Monday 30 July 2012

Merry Christmas.... July. Yes, it was that time of year again when my classes kick off with a workshop dedicated to making something Christmassy.
This year we indulged ourselves all day by making delightful Santas from Tone Finnanger's book, Crafting Christmas Gifts.
                                 Group photo call, if you like this, see more on the slideshow..........

As usual, the sun shone most of the day, the hours passed more quickly than on normal days, and the company was excellent. Thanks ladies.


  1. Thanks to Sheila and all the lovely lady quilters for a very enjoyable day . My Scanda Santa is now just waiting for some friends to join him in time for Christmas !


  2. Wow, they all did an amazing job - you've got some fast workers in your classes!

  3. Oh no, not you too! I refuse to think about Christmas at this time of year, it's cold enough as it is ;o)

    Still, you did a fab job on your creations (although a bit worried about the naked ones, are you starting some kind of strip tease for santas?)

  4. Super cute Santas S! Quite an achievement getting one of those completed in a day! The ladies done really well. Jxo

  5. I refuse to think about Christmas at this time of year too.
    That looks like an amazing bunch of Santas.



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