Tuesday 10 July 2012

Zakka Sew a Long - Week 15

Imagine - 15 weeks already! The Zakka sew a long has been fun, I haven't joined in with every single project but have made quite a few now.
This week it's the turn of the elephant bookmark and I did consider giving it a miss but then thought, "how long will it take?", I'll make one..............
and then two,
things go better in threes,
but I didn't make them as bookmarks, I lightly stuffed the ears and decided they could be strung together , like elephant bunting - but their ears got in the way, so I opted for this,.......
......................a wall decoration for a child's room. Now I wonder who I could give it to?
The wee bodies and ears were put together in about an hour, and all the embellishing completed whilst watching tv later on. Fun.


  1. You clever thing! I would never have thought of doing this. Brilliant idea and those elephants are very cute. Di x

  2. Great idea for a child's bedroom! Jxo

  3. Aww, very cute :o) I have one of these in my future to pop in my frame purse for the swap

  4. What a clever idea! I think my nieces would love a set of these for that thing in December that begins with a C!

  5. Really? only an hour? I am so behind on the Zakka projects for July...your one hour time frame gives me hope. btw I think I like your version better than a bookmark.



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