Friday 6 July 2012

I'm Over It

Remember the parcels I was waiting for? I had a bad feeling and this morning it played out - the horrid card from the PO was delivered saying I had to go pick up my parcel and I had to pay too!

Normally, when I order from the US, I try to keep my spends reasonable but still "worth it" when compared to UK prices, taking into consideration shipping costs.
This time, I was waiting for a meatier than usual order - 9 yards, yes, the whole 9 yards!!
I have been watching this fabric for a wee while but it went out of stock very quickly at Hawthorne Threads & Fabricworm - the only two sources I could find. Imagine my delight when I got back from hols to find Hawthorne Threads had restocked - yippee.
So this is Sheila's tip for the top - Velocity, by Jessica Hogarth, a British designer.!!
And here is what I got -
There are other funky options in this line but I am planning a quilt for my son who is sadly quite conservative in his tastes.
As usual, it is also going to be a class sample first. Every so often I run a triple series of workshops to allow folks to make any size of quilt they desire, but to show them how to Quilt As You Go. This year I am changing it from my usual quilt pattern and opting for a strippy - it will be reversible and heavily quilted.
Don't hold your breath for a finish - the third of the three workshops isn't until January 2013!!
So - going back to the VAT & PO charges - I reviewed my whole purchase and my fabric still came in at
 £9 yd, so I am happy. And, it wasn't available in the UK when I wanted it!


  1. The charges aren't as bad as I thought - it's put me off ordering from the US but now I'm tempted *wink*

    I do love a strippy and I can't wait to see your velocity version!

  2. I always keep my purchases under £15 plus postage. But some times I've been so tempting to order up big to take better advantage of the postage rates. I've always thought it would make the fabric too expensive but where can you get decent fabric over here for £9 a yard? Good job I've already spent my fabric allowance for this month.

  3. We all get those charges once in a while - though poor Sarah in Shetland seems to get them more than most. And we all hate it when it happens. Especially that £8 the PO adds on for collecting it. Thieving buggers!

  4. Good that it was still worth it! Jxo

  5. So hubby still got his tea tonight ;)

  6. At least you don't feel 'done' if it was still economical. The strippy sounds good. Di x

  7. oohh lovely fabrics! I hate customs charges :(

  8. Susan - £8 to pick it up, you have got to be kidding, that's a disgrace.
    I always thought it was expensive here, but customs don't seem to be as bad here when buying fabric from overseas.
    Love the fabric Sheila!

  9. Good choice! Think you are still winning!

  10. The fabric is wonderful, I have debated ordering some of that line myself - so far I have resisted. The same thing happens when I order from the UK, only it seems worse as the price of the fabric there is higher too, but sometimes one must have the right fabric.

  11. thats still a great price! Beccy had to do an art project on Jessica and she emailed her with some questions and she came back with a really long email: she was really lovely
    Bet you were pleased with the tennis last night!!

  12. I have to say I always order by the full envelope and it's always worth the very rare customs charges, because when you divide it down it's still much cheaper than buying here, especially for a full line, which the UK suppliers don't tend to stock

  13. It's almost enough to make me want to open up an online fabric store. OR... Fabric smuggling ring? Fabric dealer down on the street corner...I open my overcoat and display my charm squares only if you have the password, etc, etc?



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