Sunday 15 July 2012

Busy Bee

I have had quite a productive week following my Heffalump production line.......

I made a start on my BQS3 quilt - I am possibly going to make this in three sections or I might join the sections together.
I am not happy with the side sections - I think I will prefer the strips to lie straight, I feel the angles detract from the lines of the centre piece. Anyway, I have already unpicked all those strips................

Next, I made a couple of coin trays, for little gifts.

And then I got stuck in to some class preparation. I have two main projects next session and this will be the centre block for one of them, I'll explain more when I have made a bit more of this sample.

And finally, today, I finished up my Spring Carnival project.

This was my holiday project, I prepped much of it before going off on holiday and spent many happy evenings stitching. I have really taken to EPP after avoiding it for so many years. But how could I resist such a super project. When I saw Katy's version of Spring Carnival I was smitten.
But.........I have a bad habit of rushing into fabric choice. The above fabric was some of a large bundle that I won last year. I planned it out quite carefully, fussy cutting some of the flowers but now it is complete I can see I have lost some of the circular movement due to my colour placement. I still like it, even though it really doesn't fit into any location in my own house - I planned to turn it into a large floor cushion cover but it measures about 30" x 26" so is a little big for my floor cushion. I might just make it into a wall hanging as I do find it quite interesting to look at......and I have enjoyed the process.


  1. You have been busy indeed!
    The Spring Carnival looks good I reckon - I am torn between cracking on with mine, and waiting for the sunshine!!!

  2. Love your spring carnival. Mine is destined to become a wall hanging too, just need to decide on a background fabric

  3. Very busy :o) Looking forward to seeing where that class sample's going

  4. You have been a busy bee. Thanks for sharing. Di x

  5. Definitely a busy bee! I love your SC and the sample is intriguing!

  6. Least your spring carnival looks sunny, even if the weather aint!

  7. Yes you have been very busy, love the little coin trays. Your SC is looking lovely.



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