Wednesday, 18 July 2012


My new session of classes start 4 weeks tonight Yes, time for the ladies of Ayrshire to leave the beaches early, pack away the picnic baskets and cover up the BBQs............time instead to purchase new blades for their rotary cutters and embrace a new year of P & Q!
This year, as well as my usual brand new Beginners' class, I am offering a choice of two projects - The first one is called Home is Where the Heart Is and is a gentle introduction into designing a quilted piece of work based on a location close to the heart - we will be covering the elements of design in a reasonably simple way, leading up to the creation of unique pieces of work.This course was inspired by this little quilt that I made last year

which in turn was inspired by this quilt that I made for a friend from a Gloria Loughman pattern.

My second project I have named Topsy, as it's a quilt project that keeps on growing. It started out life in 2006 as a Christmas in July project.

Following the instructions for this quilt, it is possible to make lots of items, from mug mats to cushions & table runners to the actual quilt.But not in Christmas colours.

and as a variation on a theme,

and for those who want more of a challenge,

So, for me, at the moment it's lots of prep. Today, I made the Kaleidoscope block which will be finished as a cushion.
I also got started on the Bee Blessed blocks for July/August  - I started but didn't finish as I had no suitable fabric for the centres. Sad, but true.

Just as well I am off on a day out tomorrow that will take in rather a nice quilt shop..................


  1. The Ayrshire ladies have a treat in store with those classes. Di x

  2. Oh thanks for showing the lovely wedding mini again.
    Your ladies are in for a treat xxx

  3. Really looking forward to the new session of your classes( after all those BBQs and picnics on Ayr beach !!?? )


  4. Its very sad to hear you talking of the autumn term when we are still waiting for summer to arrive! Bet your ladies can't wait

  5. Fun projects you have lined up there. Hope none of your ladies drowned on the beach...

  6. Wow!! going to be some fun classes. You are quite busy there....looks great

  7. The classes look wonderful, but let's have a bit of summer first.

  8. Lucky ladies from Ayrshire. Those look like they will be fun classes.

  9. You're going to have lots of fun with these classes and I can't wait to see what your ladies make!



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